Why dogs and PR go together

I’m surprised that I have managed to wait this long before introducing you to my pup (who’s not so much of a pup anymore really!). After a brilliant, energising talk by Kelly Friend, who takes her dog to work with her sometimes (totally not jealous), I couldn’t wait any longer.

So what does Winston have to do with PR? Well, he’s very good at editing:


He keeps me warm when working from home:


Walks help when I need a screen break or need to think something through. And dogs in general can help stress (check out the puppy room that Solent University held last year).

I’ve also found when I’m walking him that people want to talk to me rather than just walking by. He is a conversation starter, and talking is pretty important in PR.

When you get a dog you join a community; I’m a member of a local group that have walks at weekends and I have got to know some really interesting people through it. It’s easy to talk to people when you have a shared interest.

In Kelly’s office they definitely have a shared interest other than the work that they do – the owner and her other colleagues also bring in their dogs too. And finding something to bond over is really important when you work in a team (in PR or any other sector). Of course you can succeed without having to be friends, but where is the fun in that? You spend a lot of time with your colleagues, so it helps if you can all get along. And if there’s a dog involved…

Now to work out a way to sneak Win into work – I’m not sure he’ll fit into a handbag. What do you think?

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