PR in a global world

I attended a talk today by Eva Maclaine, founder of Maclaine Communications, called ‘More than words can say?’ She shared her global strategic PR and issues management experience and highlighted why ethics and understanding cultures is so important to international PR.

What I took from it was how important this is to any PR, international or not, and, if I’m honest, everyday life really. I hear it a lot, but the world, and society, has changed; the internet, social media, smartphones, they’ve all irreversibly changed how we live and communicate.

Now anything that is online can be accessed by (almost) anyone in the world, at any time of the day. What does this mean for PR and communications? Apart from trying to find a way for your message to stand out from the crowd (apparently we can see up to 900 adverts a day now!), understanding your audience is more important than ever.


If you want to reach your audience you need to not only know where they are, but you also need to understand their culture, their beliefs, their habits. Only then can you be sure your messaging is not only appropriate for them (and your organisation), but something they want to see, share and talk about.

I also attended a session about ambient advertising (or guerrilla advertising/marketing – it has lots of different names) – but more about that in my next blog.

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