New Year, new me…sort of

Happy New Year (it’s definitely not too late to say that three days into being back at work)!

I was reading an article on Communication Director today about how to do more with less and why we all need to be more strategic. It recognises that we all feel too busy to stop and strategically plan our successes, but there are ways to fit it in to our busy lives (and has some great tips too – go give it a read). It made me think about how we make New Year resolutions and then fail, because we try to stick rigidly to them without any flexibility, or we don’t plan for how we’re actually going to achieve them.


Personally, I don’t really make New Year resolutions as I believe you shouldn’t get stuck to only being able to make changes for the better for one month of the year. However, in December I did vow to look at the stress in my life and stop worrying about what I can’t change. It’s quite easy to say, and slightly harder to do…but I am proud to say I have succeeded already (small steps anyway).

With an assignment due in on 3 January, pre- and post-Christmas was spent studying as well as enjoying time with friends and family. It was here that I really started, by writing down what I planned to do on each day, when the final versions would be ready and when I would submit (a day early just to take away some stress). That way, I could enjoy my ‘free’ days without any worry or stress as I knew exactly when I was going to get it done. And if I didn’t achieve it all, I just re-evaluated the time I had left and what needed to be done.

Strategic planning doesn’t have to just be done in your job, you can apply it to your personal life too. My top tip for 2018 is to find a way to make your life easier and less stressful, and then you’ll be much happier.

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